Hello Beautiful,

 I help visionary entrepreneurs move through a system of empowerment that awakens and unlocks multidimensional creativity and abundance.

I am here to mentor and support those who are ready to take giant leaps into new territories of success, fulfillment, and alignment with their life's purpose. 


I am on a journey to help others uplevel their lives in massive ways, call in abundance and design and create the perfect lifestyle that allows for their epic expansion. 

I am honored to serve life, serve the awakening of this planet, and be a conduit for divine action to create loving change on this planet.

I am obsessed with Personal and Spiritual growth
I have been on a path of massive expansion and advancement. I acquired a BS in Exercise Physiology and Holistic Health. I have traveled the world learning from Yogis in the Himalayas to Shamans in the deep jungles of South and Central America.  I cured myself of a 10 year battle with Lyme Disease, and in the process leaned countless healing modalities.  I am a seeker and a lifelong student, my quest for Spiritual knowledge and Personal fulfillment will always keep me on the leading edge of conscious evolution.

I am Inspired by Life
Nature is my greatest teacher.  I turn to nature to remind me of our connection to limitless abundance.  I turn to nature to remind me of the cycles of Spirit, the cycles of death and rebirth.  In my coaching process, I return to nature to remind me of the beauty and creativity and wisdom of natural systems. I now know that we are not separate from our natural world, and so I guide people to return to their own Divine nature and to become a conscious steward of this Earth for the generations to come. 

I am a Visionary Entrepreneur
I have learned to nurture and harness my creative lifeforce energy early.  Putting all the systems into place to ensure that my creativity could be expressive and safely expansive. I knew that working for someone else would not be fulfilling for me, I knew that stepping into my role of conscious creator was in alignment with my highest good. I knew that I came to this planet for a purpose, I knew that whatever I did would be a beneficial presence on this planet. I became a successful personal trainer and fitness expert by the age of 21. I began hosting spiritual growth workshops at retreats around the world at the age of 25. I opened my first Yoga and Sacred Embodiment Studio at the age of 28. I created my online coaching platform at the age of 29. I will continue to create sacred commerce as one business funnels to and fuels the next.  And I am so excited to share what I have learned along the way. 

I am a Full Blown Creative
There is an energy that flows through me that I can only describe as fiercely authentic. Our society does a great job of suppressing the creative lifeforce that flows so naturally through you.  I never lost mine.  There were periods of my life that my light would dim considerably, but it would always return burning even brighter.  There is no limit to our creative potential as lightworkers and visionaries on this planet, and it is my gift to be of service to you reawakening your creative lifepath.  

I have Created a System of Empowerment
By working with my spiritual guides and teachers, I have developed a system of empowerment and success devoted to helping people discover their life's divine purpose.  It is time we remember who we truly are. It is time you remember why you are here on this planet.  And I am deeply grateful and humbled to coach you in your quantum leaps towards manifesting and creating the most magical life you could possible dream up.  


Dive deeper into my story...

I remember sitting in elementary school, zoning out from whatever the teacher was speaking about.  And that's when it would hit me.  At that particular time in my life, I did not have the languaging for it, but now I can describe it as my soul untethering from my body for a split second.  A dawning and sometimes nauseating realization would flood my existence, as I realized there was something more to me than just my body.

As a young girl, I could feel and harness my connection with my creativity and playfulness I felt a source on energy and an utter trust in the Universe that made my life so easy.

But I craved more. I wanted to learn about these inner realms. 

So I turned to alcohol and marijuana to explore different states of consciousness. 
These tools were liberating and allowed me to access parts of myself I had yet to discover. 

Years later, I returned to my hometown from College and  sat at my mothers kitchen table. I felt utterly devastated.  "Is this all life has to offer?" I remember crying to my mom.  "Sitting in classes during the week and going to the bar to drink with friends aimlessly during the weekend. Was this what the rest of my life was destined for? 

I was slightly overweight, felt depressed, and angry at life for being so disappointing.  

I could still feel that fire burning within me.  I could still feel that life's potential was brilliant and magnificent, but the path I was walking down was not serving my highest good.  

I went back to school and declared my major.  I would study Exercise Physiology and get a minor in Holistic Health. 

I got a job as a personal trainer, started working out and moving my body regularly, and started to activate my life in a big way. 

As I was beginning to activate my life in a big way, that's when I found out I had Lyme Disease.  

I spent an entire winter in bed, in pain, in sadness and depression, hardly able to move, crying and hurting.  

I became sensitive to EVERYTHING. 

I could no longer eat sugar, gluten, or dairy, it all triggered my symptoms in big ways. 

So I changed my diet. And again I slowly began to return to exercise, but this time in a whole new way.  I now needed to learn to move my body in a way that felt holistic and beautiful. 

I also dove into every healing modality in the book, using EFT, acupuncture, light therapy, sound therapy, yoga, dance, running, traditional western medicine, muscle testing, and mindset resetting. 

I learned to think differently, learned to take care of my body differently, learned to meditate and be creative and send love to my body. 

I did everything I could to cure myself of Lyme.  

And it worked. Slowly I rid myself of dis-ease and came into deep harmony with the rhythms of life.  

If I could heal myself of Lyme. I could do anything.

So I surrendered to Life. 

I surrendered to the Flow of  the Universe, with a capacity to trust myself and trust that I would be taken care of fully.

I traveled.

Spending three months hitchiking in New Zealand, releasing the old paradigms of a sick culture that still clung to me.

Then three months in Austalia, relearning what magic was, and witnessing with my own eyes that magic and manifestation are REAL. 

After that, the Universe guided me for another three months alone in the Himalayas of India.  In India I died several times, and I came back reborn. 

Returning to the United States was an intense reemergence. So I worked for some time as a personal trainer to save up, and the first chance I got I packed my bags and headed West to California.  

California was another nine months of total flowing with the Universe. Learning to let everything go.  Learning to be the best, most magical human being I could be.  

I studied sound healing and sound design, became a certified Yoga Instructor, lived at a Zen Temple and became inthralled by the Circus Arts. 

Most of all, I learned to master the power of my mind, and my body, and harnessed the brilliant lifeforce energy that was alive within me.  

I traveled to and from South and Central America over the next couple of years working with Shamans and living in the jungles and mountains.  

I returned to Michigan once again, and opened a beautiful Yoga Studio called Align Divine Yoga, dedicated to sacred embodiment and the awakening of the Spirit within. 

On mission and assignment to hold the energy of this creative flowing lifeforce that moves through me.  

There are secrets to aligning to the perfect fundamental harmony of the Universe, so that you are able to manifest your destiny and become the master of your reality.  And I am ready to share these with you.  

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  • Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in Holistic Health
  • 200 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher with Center for Yoga
  • 300 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher with Saul David Raye of Atma Yoga.
  • Personal Training Certification with American Council of Exercise 
  • Health and Wellness Coach for MHealthy
  • Agent of Conscious Evolution Training with Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Embody Erotic Divinity Training with Leyola Antara
  • Sound Healing training from Globe Institute for Sound Healing and Consciousness 
  • Sound Design training from Dubspot LA 
  • Pilobolus Dance Theater Training
  • 5 Years as a Ceremonialist, and sacred space holder
  • Cofounder of Mettamorphosis Festival.
  • Cofounder of MasterPeace Performance Arts
  • Cofounder of Women Weavers
  • Owner at Synchroblissity
  • Owner and Manager at Align Divine Yoga
  • Creator of the Samson System
  • Creator of SafeSacredSexy
  • Creator of The Priestess PowerPath