What if one day, a miraculous revelation permeates your beingness. You remember why you are here on the planet.

All the inner work you have done. All the daily yoga practice, all the travel, all the times sitting in Ceremony, all the times fasting, praying, meditating, dancing, drumming, crying, expressing, creating, purging, drawing, writing, calling in, letting go...

And one day, the blanket of illusion is removed.

Now you can dance between worlds,
Untethered and unbound to this body. This body is now your spaceship, that you can activate and power up and get ready to blast off to move through space and time within.

And you feel purposeful, and your life feels meaningful, and you reset your mind to be a massively powerful tool directed towards what you want to create and manifest.

And you are free. Fully alive. Magnificently yourself.

And you realize your destiny, and you focus on your mission, and you bow to your assignment.

And all that’s left is love, and play, and beauty, and service, and joy, and pleasure, and sweetness, and ecstatic multidimensional frequencies of cosmic awareness.

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