What if we woke up with a purpose every single day to be open to the infinite miracles of life’s

}} L I M I T L E S S} {P O T E N T I A L {{

What if we set our goals so skyrocketingly vast because we believed there was no limit to the capacity of our infinite creativity and thus we could achieve anything, within our even outside of our conscious scope of reality at this present moment?
What if you were the creator of your own reality and you knew to take responsibility for each of your thoughts, actions and your work in the world?

Do you know how powerful you are?!

Your body, this beautiful miracle of biological creation was birthed from the most cosmic, orgasmic, Ecstatic energy in this Universe. This energy lives within you, filling you with awareness and radiating vibrantly through you!

This energy can also lie dormant within you, like an untapped resource overflowing beneath the surface, and YOU have the capacity to recover it~

You are born in the reflection of that universal creative lifeforce that birthed your body and consciousness into existence. That creative lifeforce potential that has no beginning and no end. Your potential moves outward infinitely big and inwards infinitely small.

So today, I invite you to wake up. Shake all those layers of your small self off, cause we are here to play with our lifeforce in a < B I G > way! To awaken fully to the love that has birthed us into existence here on this planet 


The energy that flows within you is limitless potential. If you align with that limitless potential think of the magnitude of the miracles that will show up in your life every day!!!

Discover that you hold the keys to unlock your greatest flowing miraculous potential~

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