The seeds you plant in your mind expand. What you think about expands. 

Knowing that, what Dream seeds are you ready to plant?

Feed the mind with with your most magnificent and wonderful dreams. See the world through a lens that sends a signal to the brain that your dreams have already come true. 
Walk like your dreams have come true, feel in your body what is feels like for your dreams to come true. Play with your dreams and dance with your dreams.

Get so comfortable knowing what the dream looks like, feels like, tastes like...

That’s when your subconscious mind gets on board. You know, that subconscious mind that has been programmed to tell you that you are not worthy of your dreams and that you will fail?

It’s time to reprogram that small self. Let your small self know it’s ok to expand, it is safe to be the best version of yourself!

Create your thoughts, recreate your mind.

It’s safe to create all your wildest dreams in love!

Keep expanding and amplifying the quality of your love to match your dreams~

When you have big missions, and your dream seeds are planted and acted upon, all that you need for your expansion pours in towards you!!! 

And one day you wake up to the reality that you are living in the dream you created~

Realizing the massive dreams that are ready to expand from my being and it feels absolutely in line with everything I have planted up until this point~

Ready for blast off my friends~ preparing to touch the stars

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