Let’s talk about manifestation~

The sexy simplicity of law of attraction.
A magnetism of your highest self aligning with that in which you are calling in!
A full embodied yes that sings out a frequency and weaves into the tapestry of the field of abundance.

I’ve been manifesting some amazing multidimensional magnificence into my life recently, meaning I’m not just manifesting from one direction.
I am manifesting in my business, in my creativity, manifesting collaboration with other artists and creatives, as well as manifesting massive financial abundance into my life to support my highest visions.

And so much of this has to do with the foundation I have set for myself.

Intentionally drawing in the boundaries of my growth edge.

When I have set strong boundaries for myself, I call in a safe and massively expansive upleveling within that boundary.

To healthyfully and wealthfully expand, we must set structure into place. When structure has been set, we can play fully and express fully and call in fully all in a way that feels aligned with our highest good.

There was a study done between children playing on a playground outside with a fence around the perimeter vs a playground without a fence. The children without the fence stayed very close to the playground and did not go and explore much beyond the play structure, the children that had the wide boundaries of a fence went all the way to the outer edge of the fence to played far beyond the play structure.

When we give ourselves safe boundaries, we have a much clearer range of how to manifest within that structure!!

It’s phenomenal! And easy! And takes practice!

What boundaries have you set for yourself recently to allow for safe and magnificent manifestation?

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