Feather Wings

These past few weeks I continue to have a vision of a great bird sitting on a perch with a tether attached to its leg. This bird can see the sky, it can see the other birds flying above, but it is bound and tethered to earth. What this bird does not know is that the chord that attaches its leg to the perch is thin and that after a few attempted try’s at flying and failing, the chord would break free.

The bird tries once and fails.
The bird tries to fly again and fails.
The bird does not know that with the right amount of trajectory on its next flight, it will soar.
So the bird stays seated on its perch for the remainder of its days, watching the other birds soar above.

If only we as humans knew our potential for flight. If only we knew how loose the tether really was, and were not afraid to try a million times to be free.

What would it feel like to be totally untethered, totally inflight, soaring with your dreams and spreading your wings so that all could see and be dazzled.

Perhaps one day, you too would inspire another tethered bird to unbound themselves and take flight.

Are you ready to let your dreams be free? Are you ready to break free into free form effortless flight?


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