What turns you on?


What lights you up and awakens that glow within you?

We can wait our whole lives for complete satisfaction if we are looking outsides of ourselves to feel captivated and enchanted in our wholeness. 

There is a sensual serpentine awakening wanting to erupt from your beingness. A creative flow of inspiration ready to pounce from your essence.

You are the Creatrix of your reality.

If you are not happy, most likely it is because you are not using the fullness of your potential as a creator. Most likely you are not tapping the resources of your limitless purpose~

Creating in the most perfect beautiful way that turns on every cell and stands up every hair on your body with Ecstatic pleasure.

Yes Beautiful Creator...awaken that untamed, untethered vision of who you truly are and let it free.

Turn on the light within your Divine Embodiment and feel yourself become aroused by the wave of abundant expressive flow~

You can be anything! You can do anything! And when you turn on your multidimensional lifeforce and let it free within you, you no longer need to define yourself. You are untethered, and purposeful. You are the Divine exploring this beautiful embodiment.

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